Family Portrait Day

8 11 2010

This Saturday was a day that I dread every year.




Those three words are like a bad word to me.  The preparation.  Purchasing the dresses. The clothes. The tights.  Baths. Hair. Finding shoes that fit (this was surprisingly hard!) Getting everyone dressed.  Out the door (on time!) to the studio.  Sitting where they should.  Looking at the photographer.  And heaven forbid, a smile.

As I was running around, B. told me that I needed get into the spirit of this. My initial thought was that I AM in the spirit.  I’m up and dressed aren’t I?

But that did make me stop and think.  Maybe I do work myself up over this stuff.

I mean in ten, twenty years, am I going to remember that the girls shoes were too big? Or, that Maggie refused to sit until the photographer pulled out the dancing Santa? That after the picture was taken Maggie and Waverly played ring around the rosies? Or that the scratch on Waverly’s cheek was from the dog?

Honestly, probably not.  But, those pictures will stand for a long time as a symbol of our family.

But, for one picture, everyone smiled, looked at the camera, and was properly dressed.





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