8 11 2010

Some days it takes all my energy just to get out of the bed. Between my migraines, my feet, and my female problems, it seems some days that my body is giving up on me.

This past week, I found out that a friend of mine has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Honestly, until now I had turned up my nose at the pink ribbons. I truly didn’t know anyone who had breast cancer. I knew of a few who had close calls, but no one that was actually diagnosed.

But T. that is different. T. is the same age as me. She has one kid more than me (twin boys and a girl). Her daughter is the same age as W. and she has been married the same amount of time. T. and I have been dance moms together for the last 3 years. This year W. decided to cheer instead of dance, so, we haven’t been in contact as in the past, but this still hit me hard.

So, this morning when I crawled out of bed, I reminded myself that I’m still alive and today is another beautiful day. And I am still alive and able to enjoy it. And so is T.

I will say, I




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