To my good friend Leo,

5 01 2011

My good friend Leo passed away on November 17th. I will miss him greatly. He was an amazing man and and incredible role model to the youth that he served as an adviser. This is a letter that I have been composing in my head for over a month, but am just finally having the time and strength to put in words.

To my dear friend Leo,

I can’t believe that you are gone. There are still days when I think of you and my heart hurts. I know you are in a better place and that grieving is for the living. I get that, it just doesn’t make it any easier for those that are doing the grieving.

I know you were at the funeral. I pictured you sitting somewhere around pew 4. I know it was your favorite. Close to the front, but not too close. I know you saw the kids, and I know you were proud of them.

Erich and Jon just about took my breath away as pall bearers. It was such a huge responsibility, but they were so proud to do it. I remember how emotional you got this past year on the trip thinking about Erich graduating. And Jon has finished his requirements for his Eagle. They have both turned into such amazing men. They can thank you for a lot of that, you were an amazing role model for them.

Chris did an amazing job reading. I know how proud you were that he had become a lector. I wasn’t sure how he would do, but, wow. He did much better than anyone would have thought. His voice was strong and clear.

And your other boy Wil. I have loved watching him grow up with you.  I saw such a difference in him this summer and his confidence level.

I know you watched Kelly and Ashley as they served. They have gotten so pretty. I know Ashley has taken to heart what you told her last summer. And the more Kelly opens up, the more we get to see the amazing person that she is inside and out.

Kate, Becky, and Phillip took on the roles as sidesmen, Torun and Kim did the guest book.  Courtney and Phillip did oblations. Sarah Uzel rang the bell.  Kristen Hayed was intercessor.

Madie and Caroline were sad to not be able to be there, but you know as well as I do how crazy their schedules are.

It was amazing to me, and I’m sure to you, to see the impact that you have had on these youth.

I’m sure you had a good chuckle when Paul told himself that he could do this.  A thought that he hadn’t meant to say out loud.

It was, in a nutshell, awesome.




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