26 01 2011

Every year our church does ‘Give a Child a Christmas’.

I took this as a great opportunity to teach Waverly about giving to other kids.  So we chose a Saturday and went shopping.  I purposely chose a child who was the same age as Wavey and liked the same things as her (pink, Dora, art, gymnastics).  We had a fabulous time shopping and bought a lot of things for S., our chosen child.

Waverly questioned a few times why we were buying, but seemed to do well with the knowledge that this wasn’t for her.  We wrapped the presents and delivered them to church.

Afterwards, I was talking with C. whose wife runs the program. He told me about one of the lists that they had received.  On the list were soap, shampoo, and deodorant.

This really made me stop and think. These same items are just under our need to have, can’t cut them out list.

I take so much for granted.




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